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About Roboforge
Roboforge is a game of robot combat. Build robots and watch them smash each other to pieces. Click here to visit their site.

3-30-02    Frosty the Snowflake makes it to the semi finals! Thanks to all
               the players with killer hammer/stickbots that didn't enter the
               tourney (mainly moog and shiva). Until frosty learns
               "Stickbot Fu" the hammers will keep squashing him like they
               do with everything else.

3-14-02    Mek 003 earns his first ranking point! Mekaniac is now a
               ranked amateur player.

3-01-02    Mekaniac joins clan RoboFreaks.

Resist the power of the Dark Side
The stickbots are among us! Help eradicate these perverted monstrosities from the roboforge universe. What is a stickbot you ask? Read on to find out.

A stickbot is a robot that has been mutated and corrupted by evil. They are noted for having large clusters of weapons at the end of long toothpick-like arms. When they enter the gateway from bizarro world into the roboforge universe, their stick-like arms are endowed with magical powers. These powers allow them to hold the freakish amount of weight placed at the end of their gangly arms without snapping during recoil.

I have intercepted one of these creatures when it attempted to cross into our realm. Below is the data I was able to extracted during my examination of this sick and twisted specimen. 

Detecting a Stickbot
Enemy Classification Block
++ still acquiring data ++ 

Evasive Maneuvers and Attacking Procedures - "Stickbot Fu"
++ still acquiring data ++

Stickbot Killers
Anti-Stickbot - This prototype unit has been moderately successful. A good starting point for building a true Stickbot Killer.
++ still acquiring data ++

Stickbot Test Bots
Thirsty Bird 10
++ still acquiring data ++

Please use the above material to improve your chances of victory when confronted with one of the stickbot abominations. If you have any contributions or if you simply modify/improve upon these ideas, please send me the results so I can post them for the betterment of all botkind.