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Clan War!
If your in a clan and your looking for a fight you've come to the right place. I am inviting all clans to an all out war! The winning clan can proudly display this Golden Cog Award on their clan website.

The details of how the fight should be conducted have prevented such a war from taking place so far. Anyone with a good idea on how to approach a project like this please email me.
Once the time, place, and rules have been defined the Mechanical Mayhem can begin!


++Cancelled due to lack of clan Participation/Coordination++     :'(
Place: RoboForge Challenge Room
Rules: - Cost Limit 40k
- Each clan must choose 3 bots to represent the clan.
- These 3 bots will meet each opposing clan in a C-Room at a scheduled time.
- Each bot will fight for a total of 9 fights.
- When all clans have met, the clan with the most wins will be awarded the trophy.
- Stickbots will incur a -100 points penalty for the clan
   ==[  Just Kidding ;)  ]==
Clans : Clan RoboFreaks
Clan Overkill
The Revolution
++ still acquiring data ++

Mekaniac has joined the Robofreaks. Founded by Robofreak-Leo, the list of clan members include: Leo, Mister Bucket, Mekainiac, Shadow, Joe Linkous, Skayjack, Smonkey, and Philamike.

Other Clans
Over Kill
Bully Bots
The Revolution
Sudden Death
The Brotherhood