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The Fiend
My second creation. (I'll save myself the humility of mentioning the first) Eight spinning claws of death, thirsty for destruction. At least that's what he would be if he didn't hit like a girl and occasionally explode due to self-collisions.
Mek 003
The first bot I created that can actually get far enough in tourneys to score ranking points. He has earned me 3 points so far and has 2 battles that made it into the featured fights list.
Anti Stickbot
Anti Stickbot was created in an attempt to banish the perverse monstrosities known as "stickbots" from the Roboforge universe. He was designed solely to chop at the long protruding, toothpick-like arms that are characteristic of stickbots.
Frosty the Snowflake
The idea behind frosty's design was to compensate for my lack of programming skills by  using as many weapons as possible. He just charges in and  hopes the smarter bot will disable himself before he can outwit poor dumb frosty.
  1 Ranked Semi-Final
  1 NonRanked Win
  1 NonRanked Final
  2 NonRanked Semi-Finals
Plain Vanilla
Just another run-of-the-mill spinner, hence the name Plain Vanilla. Inspired by Prophylactics "AntiNimzo", I wanted to try my hand at creating a complex movement routine. He attempts to dance around while staying just inside the enemy's attack range when ahead on points and just outside their range when he is winning.
 1 Ranked Win 
 3 Ranked Semi-Finals
One of many new ball clones popping up lately. When I first started playing I thought the ball designs were great (Origami Truth in particular). This particular design is too close to Marc Mech Corp's "Be the Ball" for me to feel any sense of accomplishment when he wins though.
  1 NonRanked Win