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About Roboforge
Roboforge is a game of robot combat. Build robots and watch them smash each other to pieces. Click here to visit their site.

10-1-02                        -=WARNING!=-
A recent experiment has gone terribly wrong! Whatever you do, don't touch the black swirling vortex at the bottom of this page!! I repeat, DO NOT touch it!
8-25-02 Basic AI has been added to the Stickbot Clones. Download them to begin your stickbot-fu training! To help motivate the stickbot resistance, I will play the stickbot-fu theme song for 1 week. 
7-31-02 Mekaniac Wins a Ranked Tournament! 
6-17-02 Finally, the boxed version of RoboForge is officially released!
5-13-02 This site wins AceUplink's 
"Cool Robot Site of the Month" Award for April 2002!


Clan War cancelled due to lack of participation and/or coordination by clans.
4-11-02 Announcing the Golden Cog Award! Hopefully this shining trophy will entice more clans into participating in an all out clan war. Click here to read more.
4-03-02 Frosty the Snowflake makes it to the finals! In honor of his acheivements I will play his theme song on this page for a week.

Resist the power of the Dark Side!
The stickbots are among us! Help eradicate these perverted monstrosities from the roboforge universe. What is a stickbot you ask? Read on to find out.

A stickbot is a robot that has been mutated and corrupted by evil. They are noted for having large clusters of weapons at the end of long toothpick-like arms. When they enter the gateway from bizarro world into the roboforge universe, their stick-like arms are endowed with magical powers. These powers allow them to hold the freakish amount of weight placed at the end of their gangly arms without snapping.

I have intercepted one of these creatures when it attempted to cross into our realm. Below is the data I was able to extracted during my examination of this sick and twisted specimen. 

Detecting a Stickbot
Enemy Classification Block
Serial Killer Detection Block
  - he he, thanks to my anonymous informant
++ still acquiring data ++ 

Evasive Maneuvers and Attacking Procedures - "Stickbot Fu"
Edge Hugger Code - Once you determine your enemy is a stickbot, use wall hugger code until you are at a good attacking angle.

Drive By - At the start of the battle turn left about 10 degrees and shoot forward until you are inside the putrid stick beast's attack range!

Stickbot Test bots
"Tainted with Evil" Test Drone
"Serial Killer" Test Drone
"RexXTC" Test Drone

Stickbot Test Pack
A Low Blow
Anti Stickbot
MB Gray Agent
MB Blue Agent
Ferris Wheel

++ still acquiring data ++

Please use the above material to improve your chances of victory when confronted with one of the stickbot abominations. If you have any contributions or if you simply modify/improve upon these ideas, please send me the results so I can post them for the betterment of all botkind.